Vizhinjam – Natural Port of India & Its Importance


Vizhinjam is a natural port of India. It is located in Kerala. It is very close to international shipping routes in Thiruvananthapuram. It is a deep-water shipping hub getting developed for multi-purpose utilization. The total cost of developing this port project is expected to be around Rs 6000-6500 crores. It is proposed to be developed for passenger ships, vessels and various other cargo. As per decision of Kerala government this project is given to Adani Ports and SEZ.

Few of the important advantages of Vizhinjam port are –

• Vizhinjam is an all-weather port on Malacca shipping route which is estimated to carry around a third of the world shipping traffic.
• Vizhinjam provides a base between the east and west coast routes of operations in India.
• It has a natural depth of around 20-24 m at just one Nautical Mile from the sea-coast. Due to advantage of its depth it can accommodate very large vessels to its ports.
• It requires less maintenance cost during the period of operations as there are very less climatic drifts there
• Indian exporters will be less dependent on foreign ports for shipment of cargo.

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