Country International Border Protection – India Strategy To Be

For any country protecting its international borders is one of the most important task to keep its security. There are many ways in which various countries do this by applying the strategies depending upon the border eco-system. For example to protect a desert area border you need different strategy when compared to border in the hill area of the ocean.

It is responsibility of the government to work in best interest of its citizens and invest in research and equipment’s that best help in protecting its security. Blaming other countries about the infiltration will not solve the problem if this game is going on for more than 50 years.

Self sufficiency is most important factor if we have to become a super power in all sense. Have your best army and scientific research organizations do the work and develop tools and weapons to help in infiltration. If you are able to do it yourself than no one can dare to cross the border.

It is very wisely said that god also do not help those who do not have courage and strength to defend themselves.

Quality Of Politicians Degrading – India

Degrading levels of politics and politicians is alarming for country …

The quality of politics has reached to its bottom in last few years in India. This can be seen in the display of reactions and behavior of politicians at all time. There was a time when the politics was played in a constructive way. The opposition and the ruling party use to disagree of things but were open in appreciating the good work of the ruling party or vice-versa.

Last couple of days of Indian parliament is an example where both the ruling party and opposition party just disagree to come to a common place for the progress of the country. The representatives of 125 crore Indians shouting and disrupting the house continuously.

This is not just to say against the opposition but look into the ruling party also. They just don’t want to accept that their ministers and people might be wrong in their roles. No body wants to take the moral responsibility and wait for few days to once again resume office if not found guilty.

Politics must be based on principles and ethics. That understanding and practice is totally missing from the modern days politicians. Every one is more interested in giving lecture to the others but don’t want to follow themselves.

Progress of any country depends upon its leaders and decision makers and if they lack vision and quality it is sure that the country will not make any progress.