Most Rewarding Professions Of – India

India is a country of 1.2 billion plus people hence talking about the professions that can fetch you most rewards makes sense. We will try to look into the top three professions of India in this blog. At the end of this blog if you feel even one percent correctness, than I will consider myself successful in putting my thoughts correctly.

Can you guess which top three professions are? If not, let me not waste your time and tell you. The three most rewarding profession in India are being – Politician, Film Actor and Cricketer. Rest all the professions which you can think of are just professions and do not fall in the class of privileged professions.

Let’s go into one more level down and see the details of the educational qualification required for these professions. This is important as for the most of the remaining professions it is one of the topmost criteria for choice. So let’s start any guesses?

If not let me tell you that all the above three professions listed do not need any educational qualification. Surprised? So does it not implies that the second most populous country of the world do not has education as one of the most important criteria for its topmost profession or the ranking above is wrong. You will be surprised to know that all these professions are full of (more than eighty to ninety percentage) school dropouts yet they occupy all the topmost positions such as ministers, chairman’s, directors etc. of greatest policy making bodies. Maximum awards and rewards are conferred on them and you can see nearly all the streets, policies, plans named after them. This was not the case when India became independent because you can search the internet and check the qualification of – Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and many more.

Few of the so-called liberal thoughts may disagree that why should education be “one” of the most important criteria. I would like to ask them we can definitely ignore education as criteria if it do not adds any value in one’s knowledge, bringing vision and developing skills. It is unfortunate to see people fighting on the topic of educated or uneducated for these professions. If you search in any search engine for doctoral degrees conferred by various universities in India you will find people from all these professions to be occupying the top ranks. Few of them have more than five to ten doctoral conferred on them. Such professional people and their supporters even go up to extend by quoting one or two examples of people who become successful even without having great education. I just want to say that please don’t quote one or two people out of millions successful people for unnecessary debate.

It is guaranteed in India that if you are in these three profession than you will be the richest. You will have power, you will have say in decision-making, and you will get all the elite facilities and respect. You will know another interesting fact about the retirement age for politicians and film actors. It is not defined and you can continue till your death. Since cricket is a game of sports hence you physical strength compels to retire, but please don’t mind because the money and fame that is implied with the profession gives you highest privilege to join politics or turn into film actor or a business person. If you look into the average age of politicians in India it will be seventy years plus. Please check the age of all the prime ministers and presidents till date. At the age of fifty years of age unfortunately we consider politician as young in India. Do you think it is correct?

It is time that if we have to grow our country than we have to give equal weights to other professions. If equal importance is given to every profession the country can grow fast and people will have enthusiasm to prove their worth and add to the overall growth of the country. Let’s make a better country by giving thought on it and changing perspective. No one but every common man of this country can change this profession ranking and create correct ranking which is “no ranking” and bringing the concept of “equal ranking” for all professions and make country a developed country in every sense.

Water Painting Done On – (15-Jun-2013)


Done this water painting after gap of more than 20 years.

I am not a professional artist. This is just my interest that made me do some sketching and drawing.