Integrity And Its Priority…

Integrity And Its Priority…

” Look for three things in a person – Intelligence, Energy and Integrity. If they don’t have the Integrity don’t even bother with the Intelligence and Energy” – W. Buffet

Practice Personal Ethics in Life

In general ethics are accepted as non-mandatory philosophy in life. Everyone will agree that ethics reflects a person’s thoughts and actions in day to day activities. It is essential to understanding the importance of ethics as they make you better person and your personality reflection, what other see and interpret about you. It is not just a philosophy but necessity in life. It is often seen that the problems and issues are easier to solve once we reach to the root of the cause if you practice ethics.

Several times in a day ethical compromising issues are seen and sometimes hurt our feelings. When we look about an unsatisfactory decision our first response is impulsive. This spontaneous expression of emotion is nothing but our ethical reflection.

You will notice that as you start practicing ethics it becomes more than a philosophy. They become a way of life and are demonstrated through your words and actions. Ethics always help change your opinions into judgments which lead to decision-making. It can be easily agreed that ethics affect our everyday life. Knowingly or unknowingly we use ethics with every decision. The different interpretation about ethics by different people makes their way and lookout on the meaning of life. Ethics affect all of our thoughts and behavior which others see.

Understanding the importance of ethics is evident from above as we will consciously or unconsciously work to develop and use ethics that makes our decisions more effective. This will result in ethical decision-making and the ability to put theory into practice as well as create ethical surrounding around us. What seems to be a small philosophy on a personal level can actually affect the entire society. Think about it…..

Power of Words

Very rightly said – Power of Words

“Every word we speak and every action we make has the potential to change the direction of a relationship. Every moment is an opportunity to build bonds for a better world. The key is to be able to step back and monitor the things we say and do”