Power Of Silence

Have you ever though how can silence help you in your life? If not than below few thoughts can make you think. We have often heard people saying to sit in silence for few minutes and relax every day which will help regain energy and reduce pressure from mind. At first this seems slightly vague idea which might be difficult to digest. In general we know that our mind do not allow us to remain silence for a long time the thought process keeps continuing inside. If you practice sitting in silence it will definitely help. It is advisable to practice it for few minutes every day and gradually increase the time duration.

Silence teaches us lot of things. Silence teaches us to become happy and thank your life. It gives you more thoughts to analyze which you can never get being talkative. It allows us to become humble and help you do good things to others which will make you feel happy. You will notice that over the period of time you developed the art of appreciating anything and everything in life.

The best known impact of practicing silence is developing attention. It also teaches us how to overcome distractions which will help in shaping your thinking capability. You will also start appreciating nature and will develop wisdom and peace in mind.

You do not need to follow the steps you do while meditating, like closing your eyes, sitting in a closed room and so on. Practice anytime and anywhere without any rules. You will start enjoying some quiet time every day over a period of time. The less you see and hear during this process the more stable your mind will become. It will make your mind happier and keep things simple and it will offer ease in your life.

The most important change that you will see is silence teaches you speaking the truth. You will notice that there were times when you use to tell little lies but after practicing silence you have started telling the truth instead. This is definitely not easy but will make you feel trusting towards yourself and others. You will start realizing that in this world some are happy some are sad but all are wonderfully human. You will feel that when someone doubts you instead of disagreeing you will not react and after some time action starts speaking volumes.

Silence will develop faith in you. The next time you feel anxious just sit in silence for some time and see its results. Silence will give you courage and make you stable in thoughts.

Power Of Listen…

Power Of Listening

“When you talk you are only repeating what you already know,

but when you listen, the probability is very high that you may learn something new”

Being A Good Listener And Its Advantages …

It is generally seen that the barriers that can come in the way of good listening ability are – having pre notion about the topic been discussed, having your own biases or prejudices, anger towards the person who is speaking this could be due to what so ever reason you can think of, finding it difficult in understanding the accent of speaker (a most probable case), some noise or disturbances happening in the surrounding.

Being a good listener is an extremely important practice in building up confidence in relationship with anyone and creating good friendship. Good listening ability always helps in building a successful working relationship.

Try to show that you are actively listening by asking questions, clarifications and comments of the speaker. Remember to avoid using your electronics gadgets that may cause distractions both to you and speaker. Control yourself by not giving advice unless you have been asked to do so. It is usually seen that people rarely are seeking advice. They need understanding and acceptance of their views. Remember to not interrupt the flow of speaker. Always allow the speaker to complete his sentence before you pass your opinion or comments.

 Avoid diagnose and post mortem of analysis on thoughts of speaker. Telling sometimes is intimidating to the speaker as this implies that the listener knows better than the speaker. Try to avoid gossiping during listening.

To be a decent and active listener it is important that you Keep good eye contact with the speaker; this will create an impression in the mind of speaker that you are interested in what is being communicated and with this the probability of you getting extra attention from speaker will always be high.

 It is very important that you tune your mind in such a way that you are open to all the ideas of the speaker and are convincingly ready to buy the speakers views, opinions and thoughts, though it may be different from yours.

Remember to not pass any judgmental statements which may make the speaker feel being criticized. Try to be as much attentive as possible. Give the speaker feel that you are actively listening even when you are not speaking. This can be done by nodding your head or saying words like – yes, true, that make sense etc.

Show your appreciation towards speaker. Let the speaker know that you feel happy to share speaker’s thoughts, comments and feelings. This shows your respect for the speaker.

There Is A Very Thin Line Between Professionalism and Cunningness….

By definitions of dictionary and good books you will get a lot of descriptions that defines professionalism and cunningness. I don’t want to go to extent of explaining them in detail but we should try to understand the meaning of both these adjectives in a line or two.

Professional is a person who possesses the education and training that prepares him/her for the profession with adequate skills and knowledge, necessary to perform the work of that profession. The most important part here is that professionals have strict codes of conduct ensuring high ethics and moral obligations. When someone applies these practices in profession it is called professionalism.

Being cunning is art of concealing things probably own defects and identifying other people’s weakness and taking advantage by manipulating things accordingly. Cunningness can be applied to very small activity like making false statement or to a larger extent such as by hiding the truth and saying false things with confidence and convincing the person in front. When someone applies these practices in profession it is called cunningness.

Often it is seen in the corporate world that both these have become synonyms, meaning that they are used so interchangeably and with mixing each other that both have unintentionally started to co-exist together. Without doubt I can say that the expectation today has changed for not just being professional but to an extent also to have cunningness. Which is not a great sign?

It is important that we understand what professionalism means in modern world context. Professional behavior is context specific and requires us to act appropriately at all times and in every situation irrespective of complexity. In the company of professionalism everyone feel secured and that what we are going to share will be kept secret with full ethical commitments. It means that the person we are speaking with is always concerned about our prosperity. By practicing these values in thought words and deed is a solid foundation for being a true committed professional. The bottom of professionalism is responsibility and commitment. In every day-to-day work we are challenged to bring our best to those we care for. All those people who demonstrate these values deserve to be called true professional.

People intentionally or unintentionally mix professional practices with cunningness to fetch attention and deals but this could be a dangerous approach in long run because cunningness can make oneself crack deals or become successful for a short period of time but will ultimately spoil your reputation when it comes to measuring or delivering your output, which can cause serious damage to your overall credibility as a professional. As a consultant (in any field or work in life) one should purely rely on true professionalism with little scope of cunningness to be successful and ultimately satisfied with life in a longer run.

Unexpected Situations Somtimes Benefits

There was an old rich merchant whose wife died. He was alone and thought to re-marry. In return of lot of money he was able to marry a young lady.

The young wife was unhappy with the marriage, and use to hate her husband as he was old and they have different approach towards life. She with the time reached a situation where she not even look at her husband. The old man was very upset and become lonelier than before.

The old man realized the reason for her being unhappy and keep trying to do everything to impress her, but nothing was working for him.

One night, as they were sleeping a thief entered into their house. The young wife got awoke by the noise and saw that there was a thief inside the house. She got terrified, and out of fear grabbed her husband from back who was sleeping.

With the sudden activity the old man got up to find his young wife was very tightly holding him. The old man did not saw the thief and thought, I am lucky tonight but at the same time thought there must be definitely some reason because of which my wife is holding so tightly.

After some time with the noise he realized that there was a thief in their house, and his wife was scared because of the thief’s presence. He shouted at the thief, “Dear stranger, I am very thankful to you because I have tried everything but nothing worked for me to grab my wife attention towards me, but because of you today she is so close to me. I am very happy please take anything you like.

The moral of the story is that we may get something unexpected when we did not even expected it to get, hence keep your chances open in your life one day you might be the lucky man.

Rewards & Recognition Are Food For: Motivation & Performance

It is the accepted principle of life that when someone take some services from anybody than he has to pay to the person from whom services were taken in return for his services. This is generally done in the form of pay-cheques for employees by employer. In addition to the monthly pay-cheques it is very important to reward and recognize good or additional services of employee from time to time. This not only brings self-motivation in the employee but also creates the atmosphere of healthy competition amongst the peers. This can trigger the process of competition amongst the employees to outperform each other and get rewarded.

Rewards can be in the form on money or without it. Since money is the most important motivating factor hence rewarding in the form of money is very effective. Rewards and recognition can also be done in the form of gifts or in other forms such as paid vacation, trips etc.

It is quite often seen that rewards and recognition is directly proportional to the performance of the employee. It give credibility to employee if he gets rewarded which directly adds in a positive energy in his performance.

To be rewarded and recognized one most try his best and rest will happen accordingly. Once the habit of receiving awards and recognized gets in skin, it will automatically trigger the process of good motivation and zeal to perform in best possible way.

Every organization should use rewards and recognitions as a practice to bring more motivation in work place for the employees and at the same time it can be noticed that the overall performance of the employees and peers is improved, subsequently the departments and company also improves. It will also trigger a good culture within the organization that will add to the overall growth of the organization.

Is Honesty the best policy?

We have always heard that it is always advisable to follow the path of honesty in life. But does it really works in the corporate world? The answer in my opinion is YES and NO.

It all depends on your luck that your superiors may appreciate you for your honesty or may disappoint you for you being too honest. A simple comparison can be a wood-cutter always cuts the straight tree first before thinking of cutting the tree which has many branches. This applies in life also. It demands sometimes to behave according to situation and hence you can not say that honesty is “always” the best policy. At least in professional life.

We need to take stand on few things where as at others we may have to tactful in approach (I would not use the word dis-honest). This simply lets us in a situation where we find that honesty is circumstance dependent in your career. In personal life you can always give priority to you feelings on honesty. Being honest is an asset and you should not leave it for any small reasons. Have I confused too much. If yes than the answer is simple that follow you heart and make decisions on your stands on any occasion and stick to it rather than being unclear or unsure about which path to take.

Too Much of Thinking Before Starting Anything is Bad

My observation tells that many people tend to think too much about things they want to start or begin. They think by thinking more they are ensuring a good ground work is done and the probability that they will hit the success is maximum. I believe that if you think too much on any thing before starting it than you might reach a point that your mind is full of if’s-and-but’s and that will further make things complicated. I don’t say that one should not think at all before taking up any task but the amount of time that you spend should not be prolonged.

Always give a fresh thought once before starting anything and be positive in your approach. Rest must be left on time and your efforts for the outcome. If you look into the history of mankind you will find many great personalities who have taken a stand on any point where the others were not sure and with their instinct have gone ahead and succeeded. This may not apply in all situations as you can quote many examples where this approach did not work, but I have an answer to this as – those who dare to start are the leaders and only those who try may sometime fails. At the end fortune also favours braves.

Small, quick and fast thinking process will not open endless threads in your mind and will not spoil your thought process. Hence just keeping doing your best with full efforts and rest will automatically taken care by the world.